Health & Life Sciences
Market Research Survey 2022

Importance of structured report on the Health and life sciences Ecosystem in Bulgaria

  • To implement a detailed research, analysis and assessment of the existing capacities, resources and potential in the biotechnology and life sciences sector in Bulgaria.

  • To conduct an empirical investigation of the existing research and development infrastructure in Bulgaria;

  • To increase the overall knowledge about the added value potential of biotechnology and life sciences in the general public.

  • To analyse the collected data against a predefined set of criteria, and to prepare recommendations for the development of politics, supporting the further growth of the sector by creating favourable conditions promoting entrepreneurship.

With the current market research report, Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria ( , Vangavis ( , Venrize ( and Trending Topics ( , Vangavis aims to create a truly comprehensive picture of the Health and life sciences ecosystem in Bulgaria while answering several important questions in regard to the country’s strengths and opportunities ahead.


Chapter 1: Key Findings of The Report

Chapter 2: Advantages for the Regional Economy and Society

Chapter 3: Health & Life Sciences Landscape in Bulgaria (Mapping & Index of Companies)

Chapter 4: Talent Development, Education & Job Market for Health & Life Sciences

Chapter 5: Regulations National and Supranational Policies

Chapter 6: Current Trends & Ecosystem SWOT Analysis

Chapter 7: Company Spotlights

Chapter 8: Regional and International Advocacy Groups and Networks


Concise Interactive Online Report

Full Extended Free Downloadable PDF (Market Research & Analysis incl. Company Index, Spotlights and Interviews)


Data collection: Surveys, interviews, focus groups, contributors information, scraping of social media and publicly available data on the web, internal data of Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria and their partnership network, data from the local ecosystem.

Reach of the Report

​The report will be distributed across various events and publications connected with Health & Life Sciences and other contextual industries.

2000+ Health & Life Sciences experts and organizations

20+ media publications (Bulgarian and international)

100 000+ audience and lead generators in Bulgaria

100 000+ audiences and lead generators international

Multiple presentations in front of Bulgarian and international partners, including:

European and international largest and most influential biotech industry organization, such as:

  • EuropaBio ( EuropaBio represents corporate and associate members across sectors, plus national and regional biotechnology associations which, in turn, represent over 2500 biotech SMEs.

  • CEBR (, a membership-driven network of life science clusters and regional ecosystems across Europe, representing over 40 subscription members and hundreds of cluster partners across the world.

  • ECHAlliance (, that connects 78 countries and 4.4 billion people (Africa, Americas, Asia, Canada, Caribbean, China, Europe, India, the Pacific & USA). The community of over 16,500 experts – including government, health & social care providers, leading companies and start-ups, researchers, insurances, patients groups and citizens, and the investors.

  • ECCP, DIH.Net

  • Deep Knowledge Group: DKG (

  • European AI Forum ( - AI Hub France, CroAI, ai4si, KI Bundesverband e.V. - with over 7000 subscribers

Bulgarian ecosystem, such as:

  • Members and partners of Bulgarian Employer Association for Innovative Technology - BRAIT (, with 27 clusters and associations, represented over 50 000 employees in Bulgaria

  • AI Cluster Bulgaria (, United Drone Society, among others.

  • Universities and Center of excellences

  • Sofia Tech park

Data from the report will be included in the national and regional reports and analysis among national government and regional authorities (Invest Sofia, innovative Sofia, Fund of the Funds, State Agency for Research and Innovation, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Education and Science, among the others)

The general media partner of the Report is Trending Topics SEE. Dedicated articles and events will be included.

If you have any questions in regards to the survey or the report, please contact Kristina Eskenazi,