Cluster Services

  • Project development - identification of opportunities, preparation of proposals.

  • Development of knowledge and skills (Skills and education) - courses, workshops, offering technological infrastructure for educational purposes

  • Access to finance - financial engineering, access to finance; investment and business plans

  • Support of units such as Incubators and Accelerators (Incubator / accelerator support) - access to markets, business development, research of consumer attitudes, creation of associations, location selection

  • Testing and validation - demonstrations, certifications, product quality

  • Provision of technical infrastructure - equipment rental, economical production, supply of technological infrastructure

  • Contract research - development and validation of technological concepts

  • Strategic R&D - development of solutions, scientific activities

  • Ecosystem learning - workshops and seminars for sharing knowledge and experience

  • Strategic Development - study of market opportunities

  • Community building - building ecosystems, disseminating knowledge, providing mediation services

  • Assessment of digital maturity.

  • Providing information on innovations in the field of digital technologies.

  • Support for the protection of intellectual property, including awareness raising

  • Measures to promote science among young people, mentoring students and providing special services for young researchers.