New knowledge and technology development within the Health & Life Sciences is moving extremely fast. And it is accelerating. This is a field which offers new technological solutions to all the significant challenges of mankind: Food, health, environment, climate, energy, materials and much more. The potential for value creation in the emerging bio-economy is vast, both for people and society and for business and industry.

To succeed in harvesting Bulgaria's full value creation potential in the life sciences, we need to mobilize all the involved players – public and private. We need to join forces behind a shared vision for the future and pull together to make it happen. We need to work systematically to enhance the factors that will enable sustainable growth. We need to bring people together across organizations, sectors and disciplines so that we can discover and develop the best new ideas.

Health & Life Science Cluster Bulgaria ( is a non-profit organization that unites businesses and organizations with Key Activities focused on the practical application of life sciences & health. Innovative companies in the field of drug discovery, genetic research, 3D human tissue printing, software solutions for medical and outpatient care, drug manufacturing, nutrition supplements, green technologies, bio-based technology, food tech, agritech and many more.

The cluster participates in the Management Board of the Bulgarian Bioscientific Society and in the Management Board of the Bulgarian Employers' Association for Innovation and Technology (, which is a legal successor of the Bulgarian cluster association), together with Automotive Cluster, Mechatronics Cluster, BAIT, BASCOM, ICT Cluster and others. The founding members of the cluster are at the core of the creation of The AI Cluster Bulgaria ( in order to stimulate and create high-value cross-industry projects.

The Cluster focuses its efforts on the development of a technology program at all levels: regional, national, and international.

Our mission is to improve the quality in treatment and care by developing and industrializing world-class health solutions through our members and ecosystem.

Health & Life Sciences Cluster facilitates confidence-building interpersonal relations. This is to fulfil the needs of our stakeholders for strengthening innovation through cross-disciplinary and international partnerships.

We focus on Catalyzing innovation by creating inspiring meeting places for public and private stakeholders within Life Sciences; Inspiring cross-disciplinary collaboration and partnership, bringing smaller companies, public/private synergy and internationalization into the spotlight; Supporting the development of professional competencies within, especially internationalization, innovation and foresight.